Gigi & Luka is a consulting service provided by Mio Hayashi.

Born in Kamakura, Japan, her educational background includes Swiss boarding school enrolled at age 14, followed by a degree from Stern School of Business at New York University. During her studies, she completed an internship program at Onward Kashiyama Showroom, and also worked as a part-time staff at Helmut Lang boutique in SOHO.

Upon graduation, she started her full time position at Kose NY office, a Japanese beauty company. After gaining experience and knowledge in marketing and brand management, she made her move to Barcelona in 2008.

Gigi & Luka was born out of her passion for creativity as a way to apply her knowledge in beauty and fashion, experiences living in different cultures, as well as observation of details and trends.

Her area of expertise includes marketing strategy, trend research, writing and translation. She has worked as a consultant to various brands, trend research agencies, and publishing media. She is fluent in Japanese and English, and is proficient in Spanish.

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