Gigi & Luka is a consulting service provided by Mio Hayashi.

Born in Kamakura, Japan, Mio enrolled in a Swiss boarding school at the age of 14. After finishing high school, she went to New York to study Marketing and International Business at Stern School of Business at New York University.

Upon graduation, she landed on a position at Awake, a Japanese brand of skincare and color with a distribution at prestigious department stores within the US. After a number of years working at the New York office, she decided to leave for Barcelona in 2008, in pursuit of creating a new lifestyle.

Gigi & Luka was born out of her passion for creativity as a way to apply her knowledge in beauty, experiences living in different cultures, as well as keen eyes for details and trends.

Her area of expertise includes marketing strategy, trend research, product development and generating brand content. She has worked as a consultant to beauty brands, trend research agencies, and publishing media as a journalist. She is fluent in Japanese, English and Spanish.

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